International Student’s Pre-Arrival Guide – All you need to know!

Traveling to begin a new chapter in your life can be both exciting and nerve racking. We want our tenants to get the most out of their time in Sunderland. So we would recommend the University’s Pre-Arrival Guide.

The Guide will talk you through leaving your country, arriving in the UK, Immigration Information and provide lots of useful information to help you settle in well.

At Horizon Apartments we want to get it right when  being a support to all our international tenants – so please do feel free to email us, stop a member of onsite staff and ask us for any help you need.

Here are a few Email addresses included in the guide to help you navigate your journey into this next stage in your life:

For Enquires about the Airport Arrival Service:

[email protected]

For any questions about your course itself:

[email protected]

You will find the LIFE IN SUNDERLAND section of the guide particularly helpful. This section includes information on opening a UK bank account, registering with your local doctor, information on places of worship and even how to stay safe in our lovely City.

The WHEN YOU ARRIVE section gives great info on Enrolment and Student Support.

Here is a link to the University’s International Student Guide:

If you are a tenant at Horizon Apartments and would like help understanding the guide our onsite staff are always keen to help you transition into new life in Sunderland.

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