Mouth Watering and Worth the Wait Desserts In Sunderland

Holly was a tenant at Horizon in 2020. One evening whilst doing reception I met Holly waiting for 12 Chocolate brownies. I wrote evening but it was more like 10pm.

Having a weak spot for brownies myself I asked Holly; ‘Are they any good?’ Holly looked at me; ‘They are so good that I wait for 20 mins, with the door open, in the cold for them to be delivered. Then I run to my apartment because I feel rude not offering the staff one each and they are just too good to offer out!’ I could see from Holly’s face that she meant this!

Yet another diet will start tomorrow I promised myself as I ordered my own set of brownies the following day. Deserts Delivered in Sunderland do not only Brownies but shakes and other cakes too.

My favourite is the school cake that comes with a little pot of custard. You really have got to try that one!

Have you tried Desserts Delivered? What do you think and what are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below and we might order some for one of our tenant socials!

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