The Best Burger in Sunderland

I took a long trip from London to Sunderland recently and arrived at Horizon Apartments in need of a Burger! You know the feeling Right?

You have travelled hours, studied long or worked hard and could do with a big greasy burger as you relax onto a comfortable bed beside a seaside view.

In my apartment I had the bed and the view (on the 6th floor of Horizon Apartments you can see the sea and the city whilst feeling above the business below). But the burger was missing.

Just eat! Although my apartment in Horizon is equipped with a lovely little kitchen sometimes I just can not be bothered to get out that frying pan. Just eat becomes a God send to me. This day I found a shop selling burgers for £9! My first thought was EXPENSIVE! But reading the descriptions my mouth began to water and the pictures convinced me to give it a go.

I ordered! Burger Stop was fast to deliver and did not disappoint! The biggest burgers in Sunderland and well worth the money! If you are staying with us at Horizon Short Stay rooms or have moved in as a tenant – watch this space! We are going to approach burger stop and ask for a Horizon Apartments discount code – because we think you guys should try one too!

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